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Point Blank Indonesia is a tactical war game (tactical first-person shooter - FPS) developed by Zepetto and published by NCsoft. Circulated in South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Russia. In Indonesia, published by PT. KREON and Zepetto which is located at 16th Floor - Menara Jamsostek - South Jakarta - Indonesia, in cooperation with Gemscool. Almost the same as any other tactical gem. Gem Gem is not a war between a ship like the USS Rhode Island (BB-17) as a vessel of war of the kind Virginia-class Battleship owned by the United States Navy. This gem is a war of individuals or groups. This game must be downloaded for free at Point Blank Indonesia website, then installed in the computer itself. After that get ready for adventure meet in battle.

But do not forget to eat and pray yes!

How to Play Point Blank Indonesia For Beginners

1. Press twice in PB shortcut icon on your desktop.
2. The system then asks you to wait until the launcher prepared.
3. Once the window launcher ready, press UPDATE.
4. Let the update process is running (if any), through to completion.
5. When the update process is complete then the button you press the UPDATE that had to be turned into your START button. Press START.
6. Oops, it turns out there's a message "Please click the button Check" appear. Well, it should be explained that, if you just install / update the games Point Blank Online, is required once the file is checked to make sure everything smoothly. Please click OK and click CHECK button.
7. Once finished checking the file, then you should press the START button again and began to enter into the login screen. Please note that checks can be done anytime, and are required to do so after you install the game or after the update process from the server Point Blank.
8. Please start the game Point Blank is available Online so the login screen. Good luck ^ _ ^!

Download Point Blank Indonesia in
Look to the right over there Download
Choose / click on Client and Patch
File size 465 MB Full Client
Can also choose to download the Partial Patch size 1.96 MB
Or choose the Download Full Patch Download size 50.7 MB
Download Instructions:
Before playing this gem confirm capabilities / minimum specifications of the program, Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon, 2500 +, 512 MB RAM, VGA 128 MB, DirectX 9.0.c Install Graphic drivers and updates, read the instructions when downloading these games official website

Point Blank Indonesia Cheat
Point Blank Cheat for players in Indonesia are still used. For example, some can be downloaded cheat point blank at some websites.
Some cheat pb does not need to be downloaded, this cheat is the trick part is provided by the developer but the hidden gem in some places / areas.

Cheat Unlimited Ammo (unlimited ammo)
Download Hide Toolz
Download Moonlight Engine
Moonlight Run the engine,
then run Hide Toolz
Run PointBlank.exe
Attach a process to moonlight engine

Hide Toolz download and download Moonlight Engine (use this keywords in google), so you will have a web-like web provider of the file:
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