Video Mesum Luna Maya Ariel 3gp Asli ?

It is true that Luna Maya already provide relevant rebuttal circulation Video sexinvolving himself with the beloved Ariel. But the people of Indonesia that has been highly critical not just to believe that Ariel 3gp Video Luna Maya was a fake. Not a few people who believe that couples who are in bawdy 3gp sex that's true is Luna.

Then is it true that the original video? And what is the underlying reason for such analysis? To prove that the video Ariel Luna Maya was genuine or not, it is more convincing if it involves an expert analysis of telematics like Roy Suryo. But because he already gave a statement not want to be involved in this, the physical analysis and other hal2 could be an interesting discussion. And here's the analysis that might be used

Is reasonable if it is similar from one star is one of those actors. It could be just like Luna Maya course or just Ariel. But that appears nude in the video is similar to both. This is the gaffe, if there is a statement that the blue film was a fake. Another thing that might be seen are the physical characteristics between Luna Maya and Ariel with couples who are eager to enjoy intercourse was in the tape. Traits that could be used is the facial expressions, bracelets and hair of Ariel Peterpan. All provide a description that all original! But what about the tattoo on the girl's thigh? Is Luna Maya also have it?

Now this is interesting for further proof. If it's true Luna Maya does not have a tattoo on his thigh, then there is the opportunity to deny that he is not the girl herself. But we must remember, there are tattoos that are contemporary and can easily be removed. But as a comparison between this 3gp video footage with Luna Maya and Ariel's appearance, here are some pictures you can notice
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